Mainframe City 360/50: Dream Sequence Script -

A Script for a Dream sequence in La Libertad y la Máquina -
Written by Emilio Barrarecan - 15 Sheets paper / 1 x Envelope.
Dialogue is between three Characters: [1] Stafford Beer - the founder of Project Cybersyn struggling with the tension between ideology and technocracy, [2] a Statistic that exists within the Cyberstride economic model - is having second thoughts about the politicisation of data, and [3] An Icosahedron [Beer’s conscience] probing at the future, suggesting outcomes of real time data, and attempting to counsel both the Statistic and Beer.
Within this scenario, the conversation details tensions that arise when trying to affect change with new technological and political ideas. Each character addresses specific hopes or fears about the outcomes of a cybernetic and political combination. Within the exchange, notions of shifting ideologies and possible future outcomes of data use begin to emerge. Hints and clues to todays digital dependancy begin to emerge as the scene progresses towards a strange climax. 
A collaboration with the Critical Media Lab Basel and Kevin Rittberger has resulted in an adaptation of this script, performed as part of “Community in Progress’ [18/12/2015] with the Theatre Basel - More information can be found here.